Bunzlau Castle
April 3, 2023
Bunzlau castle ovendish blue white ceramics

The Story of Bunzlau Castle

Bunzlau Castle is synonymous with enjoying time at home with your family, relatives or friends or just ordinary and special moments ought to be celebrated with your own special company.
Bunzlau Castle collection, compiled over the years, perfectly aligned with your unique style.

Bunzlau Castle is one of the quality brands of Clip Quality Brands. The family business was established in 1984 ans is based in Nijkerk.


The current collection consists of more than 40 different decors. These decors are selected with great care. All decores are stamped by hand and are perfect for mixing and matching.

So you can create your own style. Do you go for colorful flowers or for a graphic print there is always something you like best.

The signature blue border allows for endless combinations.

Bunzlau Castle

A warm Welcome

Bunzlau Castle helps you enhance the warm and cosy feeling of home that you want to create for yourself and your friends and family. The glasses, towels and mugs in your cupboard say something about who you are. You have created your own unique set from the extensive Bunzlau Castle range. Your patterns, colors and combinations. The highest quality products, because it is your home.

Authentic manufacturing process

Since the start of Bunzlau Castle ceramics have always played a important role. Along with Ceremika Artyczna Boleslwiec, they developed tableware of the highest quality and they have over 200 years of experience in the design and manufacturing ceramics.

All raw materials needed for production are sourced from the area. Seven different types of clay are uses and the paint is made from natural compounds. The tableware is timeless, extremely durable and suitable for dishwasher, microwave and oven. Therefore also perfect for use in the hospitality industry.

Handmade from Clay to Mug

Anyone who uses the cups, saucers and dishes will have experienced that the tableware is extremely strong and have unique patterns. This is because the tableware is made by hand. Each ceramic shape passes through at least 15 pair of hands.

Tableware is decorated with a small sponges.
Details are aded with a brush.
Tableware is glazed and backed again for durability.